Pricing and Payment of Student Food Purchases

Free & Reduced Meal Applications

Remote Learning Free Meals

Applications must be filled out annually and may be filled out at any time during the school year and are based on annual household income.  If you have a temporary reduction in income due to a layoff  you may become eligible to receive benefits.   Applications are available at all school offices, through the school nutrition director or here below. 

New! ONLINE APPLICATION - A confidential online application is available on our website.  select apply button

Student Meal Prices 2020-21

Breakfast All Schools $1.55

Lunch: Elementary $2.70, Middle Schools $2.90, Hampden Academy $3.10

Milk without a meal  .55


Two ways to make deposits.  Prepayment is expected in advance for school meals.

1. Students may give deposits to their teacher .  Please do not give to staff in the cafeteria.

Important:   Please be sure to put the students name on the envelope with the payment or on the check. If there are multiple students being paid for with one check please indicate the name or student ID number along with the amount to deposit into each account.

    2. Electronic payments can be made at 

My School Bucks


The Nutrikids/MySchoolbucks program is offered system-wide to allow families to pre-pay electronically for all student meals: breakfast, lunch, snack milk, or a la carte items.  You may make deposits as often as you wish; a week at a time, each quarter or even the entire school year.

Each student is assigned a PIN(lunch ID) that will stay with them until he or she graduates. If you have more than one student attending school in the district you may easily manage with a single payment deposited into the respective accounts. There is a convenience fee when using myschoolbucks for electronic payment. 

How transactions work for our students

Elementary Schools

To start the school year, students in grades K-5 will tell the cashier their name as they go through the line and they will be checked in by name, and the meal will be subtracted from their Nutrikids account. As the year progresses they will be asked to learn their PIN.

Middle and High School

Grade 6-12 students will pick up their meal or a la carte items, punch their ID number on a keypad, and the amount they spend will be subtracted from their account.

We want students to bring money to cashiers BEFORE lunch, preferably in the morning before school.

If a student at the High School or Middle Schools pays with cash in the serving line, we will not make change at that time. The amount they give the cashier will be deposited into their account.

Other things to note

  • If the student forgets his or her money, we will allow them to charge meals. However, students may not purchase a la carte items if there is no money in their account. 
  • Note: Milk is not part of the free lunch program.  Purchased with lunch that is brought from home or for snack time milk will costs 55 cents and must be paid for.
  • Student’s account balances carry over from year to year. We will advise you of the balance as the end of the year approaches to avoid carrying over positive or negative balances.