Educating since 1803

The RSU #22 school district is comprised of the four towns of Hampden, Newburgh, Winterport and Frankfort. Currently there are approximately 2270 students receiving an education at our seven schools.

Four of the schools are elementary schools: Earl C. McGraw (grades K-2) and George B. Weatherbee (grades 3-5) in Hampden, Newburgh Early Childhood Center (PreK only) in Newburgh, and Leroy H. Smith (grades PreK-4) in Winterport.

Two of the schools are middle schools: (grades 6-8) at Reeds Brook serving Hampden and Newburgh and (grades 5-8) at Samuel L. Wagner serving Winterport and Frankfort.

RSU #22 school district


Hampden Academy (grades 9-12), is the single high school for the district. Total district enrollment is 2270 students who are instructed and supported by 375 administrators, teachers, specialists, and staff.

Excellence in Education

Academic achievement and enrichment through co-curricular activities are cornerstones of RSU #22 programs. District students consistently achieve at the top on the state Maine Educational Assessment in all grades. The graduation rate from Hampden Academy is typically 97.73% with 66% - 4 year, 14% - 2 year typically planning to participate in post-secondary education.

The school board annually establishes goals and objectives to foster the district mission. These goals center on student learning and achievement, quality staff, funding, facilities, use of data, technology and curriculum integration, and community involvement and cohesiveness. As superintendent, I annually report the year's progress in meeting these goals and objectives. "Committed to the optimal learning of all students"

High standards and strong outcomes in RSU #22 are products not only of the work of district staff and students but also of the commitment to educational excellence of the citizens of Hampden, Newburgh, Winterport and Frankfort. We believe that we all contribute to the education of our children.