RSU 22 Current Openings:

Hampden Academy

Health Teacher

Administrative Assistant - Guidance Office

Interventionist, 2-3 days per week, one year position

Ed Tech III, Self-Contained

Samuel L. Wagner Middle School

Long term Sub or ETIII for Spanish - part time  (Monitor virtual learning, Speaking skills not needed)

Ed Tech III, Self Contained & Resource Room

Earl C. McGraw School

Ed Tech III, Self-Contained


Maintenance Worker (year round position, 40 hrs/per week)

Technology Support Specialist

Ed Tech I (various schools)

Substitute Teachers

School Psychologist (6-8 days a month)


Please submit your application by email to the Superintendent of Schools at: [email protected]

or mail to: RSU #22, 24 Main Road N., Hampden, ME 04444