The mission of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model is to provide a comprehensive approach to school health that strives to improve our students' knowledge and behavior about health, as well as their capacity to learn through the collaborative support of families, communities and schools. This program is overseen by a School Health Advisory Council and supported by the RSU #22 Wellness Team. Both groups report to the School Board throughout the calendar year. Please click on the links below to review our Wellness Policy , corresponding regulation, and an information packet on the WSCC model.

JL-School Wellness-Policy Statement

school wellness regulation


Wellness Team:

The Wellness Team has been effective since 1991. The team is made up of a variety of disciplines including administrators, faculty, staff and community members. Members regularly attend the Annual School-Site Health Promotion Conference supported by the Maine Department of Education. The Wellness Team's vision is to foster a culture of health and wellness that nurtures healthy habits and enhances academic performance within our schools and communities.

Message from the Health and Wellness Coordinator:

RSU #22 offers a variety of programs and initiatives to improve the health of our school community.We strive to provide the very best opportunities to improve growth and development. A few of the programs include a school based garden and orchard, staff focused fitness challenges, dynamic health and physical education, onsite honey bee apiary and much more. I am fortunate to sit on the steering committee for the statewide School Site Health Promotion Conference and have enjoyed learning from folks from around the state. Please contact me with comments or suggestions at [email protected]. RSU #22 is "Growing Great Minds"!

Please visit on the links below for exciting information on great student wellness projects.

Brittany Layman, RN