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Hampden Academy
-JV Hockey Coach

Thank you for your interest in RSU #22.

The application, interview, and nomination processes typically take ten weeks and include the following steps:

* Upon receipt of applications, the appropriate administrator and interview team screen the applications.

* The administrator and interview team conduct first interviews, screen candidates again, and then may conduct second interviews with selected candidates.

* The administrator recommends candidate(s) to the superintendent, and the superintendent’s office contacts candidate(s) to establish an appointment for an interview with the superintendent.

* The superintendent interviews candidate(s) and selects one, notifies the candidate of selection, and recommends the candidate to the school board.

* The school board approves the candidate.

* The superintendent issues a contract of employment to the approved candidate.

* The superintendent’s office notifies other applicants that the position has been filled.

Applications are reviewed when complete. Please refer to the checklist of required application components at the end of the application.

If you have questions, please contact the central office at 207-862-3255.

Download An Application

Or, please request an application from:
Richard A. Lyons
Superintendent of Schools
RSU #22
24 Main Road N.
Hampden ME 04444
Tel (207) 862-3255 FAX 862-2789
e-mail address:

Applications will close when qualified applicant is selected.