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Within RSU#22, we offer workshops for identified students who exhibit above average talent in the visual and performing arts; art, music, and theatre.

Students who are identified in these areas will be invited to workshops throughout the school year. The goal of these workshops is to provide connections to professionals and peers that hold similar talents.

The application is accepted on a rolling basis. If interested in applying, please complete all sections, including submissions of portfolios and/or video demonstrations. The application packet and all supporting materials should be submitted to the Director of Gifted & Talented Services in RSU #22. 

RSU #22 is committed to supporting schools in the delivery of quality and effective PreK-12 visual and performing arts instruction. Research shows that students involved in the visual and performing arts are more successful in school, more involved in their communities and perform better on standardized tests. Engagement in the visual and performing arts deepens students' overall knowledge as well as their social and emotional development.